Why Rats Like to Live in Urban Illinois Areas

Black rats and the Norway rats are the most common types of Springfield rats that you will encounter in the urban areas. The rats in the urban areas will reach their sexual maturity at a faster rate compared to the rats found in the wild or country areas. This contributes to the rapid increase of their population in the city. The rats located in the urban environment may have 20-40 infant rats per year. 

Reasons Why Rats Prefer the City Life

The female Illinois rats that are living in the city have successfully established an estrus synchrony. This type of synchrony plays a vital factor in the increase of rat population in the urban setting. The rats in the wild also have a shorter life span. Their high mortality rate is probably related with the lack of food sources and their predators. Here are more reasons why the rats will thrive more in the city than in the wild areas.

Food Sources

Rats will not be picky in terms of what they eat. This gives them numerous options when it comes to their Springfield food sources. When in the wild, looking for a suitable water source will be difficult for the rats. On the other hand, a small leak on our plumbing system would be a potential water source for them. They can also steal the leftovers in our trashcans. Furthermore, the competition in the city is not that stiff compared in the wild. There will be enough food for all the urban creatures.


When in the wild, the Illinois rats will often be exposed to the dangers of the predators. The rats in the city will have different places to hide that keep them safe from their predators. Usually, their predator such as hawks and owls will prefer to live in areas with no human presence. You don’t usually see them in the urban setting which makes the place safe for the rat.

Inexperienced Homeowners

Most of the Illinois homeowners in the US will not have enough time to deal with their rat infestation. This will encourage the increase in the rat population indirectly. In order to minimize the problem, homeowners will try to invest in the rat removal. Most homeowners will not have the experience in removing the nuisance creature in their house. This will give the rat enough chance to increase their population continuously. In some states of the US, there are also prohibitions when it comes to the killing of the rats.  

These are just some of the reasons why the Springfield rats will prefer to dwell in the urban areas. The rich sources of food and the minimum presence of the predator allow them to have a longer lifespan compared to their wild counterpart. Unfortunately, the presence of rats in the city also creates conflict between human and rats. They can destroy the valuable materials in our house that will result to expensive repairs. To stay away from this, you need to create a rat-proof house that will keep the creature outside.

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