Do Springfield Skunks Really Attack Pets?

The Springfield skunks will only attack when they are defending themselves or if they are sick. Since this animal is known as nocturnal, encounter with them will not be common. Most of the skunks attack will happen at night and may catch us unprepared. Once our pets become the victim of their attack, you need to be prepared to alleviate the suffering of your pets. Skunk’s spray can cause temporary blindness and trauma to our pets.

Skunks Attacking Our Pets

In case there is an activity of Illinois skunk in your community, you need to be armed with the basic materials that will help you neutralize the scent of their musk. You will need to have a variety of sponges and towels, vinegar, odor neutralizer, detergent, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. 

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Springfield Skunks Attack Your Pets

When your pet has been attacked by the Illinois skunk, you need to remain calm. Make sure that you take heed of our advice. If you don’t know what to do, you need to take your dog to the local vet immediately. You should be careful when dealing with this situation since the scent can transfer to you upon contact. A better solution would be to call the emergency hotline of your vet and ask for their advice. They will usually guide you on how you can concoct the peroxide solution. Avoid keeping things that have been sprayed by the animals.

Combining the Peroxide Solution

You will need a container where you can mix the ingredients. You will also need to secure dishwashing soap, baking soda and the hydrogen peroxide that will serve as the base ingredient of the solution. While mixing the ingredient, you may need to keep your dog outdoors to prevent the scent from transferring. Once you successfully created the cleaning solution, you will have to wear gloves when applying it on your pet. Avoid getting the peroxide solution in the eye of the animal.

Applying the Peroxide Solution

Rub the peroxide solution in their eye similar on how you will use shampoo on their hair. However, you should never keep the solution for too long. You will have to rinse it thoroughly. After rinsing the mixture, you will have to wash their fur with your favorite shampoo brand. Afterwards, there should be a significant change in the smell of your pet. Place your dog in an area that receives enough sunlight and allow them to dry.

Final Cleanup

Once you are done in neutralizing the odor of the Illinois skunk’s spray on your pet, you will have to clean yourself especially if your dog has rubbed their fur into you. To remove the malodorous scent in your fabric, you can use a detergent and baking soda. You may also use a vinegar solution to reduce the strength of the odor.

Skunks will not usually attack our Springfield pets and will only defend themselves. To avoid this from happening, be sure to keep your pets indoors especially at night.  

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