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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Springfield! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Springfield, IL. Taking pride in our work and offering great customer service are among the reasons that our family-run animal control company has grown to being one of the largest in the area. You can speak to our telephone agents 24/7, and while they can give you a ballpark estimate and arrange one of our technicians to visit your property, they are also experts in the type of steps you can take for yourself as well. We work hard to keep our prices competitive, but it is also important to make sure the work is completed effectively, so we won't cut corners or use cheap equipment and traps. Our technicians go through a rigorous training program and keep up to date with the latest techniques and join local seminars so they can share best practices. Dealing with wild animals causing problems around the home needs to be efficient as well as humane, so we always use the most suitable approach depending on the species and the situation – but we never use dangerous poisons in your home! We also provide a suite of follow-up services once the animals are removed, to get your house back to the safe and comfortable home you love. Call us now at 217-806-4645 for your Springfield wildlife control needs.

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Bat control in Springfield - removal from attics

Springfield raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Removal of animals in the attic, like squirrels.

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

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Springfield Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Common Snakes in Illinois - Know the Venomous and Non-Venomous Ones!

The state of Illinois is home to 40 types of snakes and about 4 of them will be venomous. Most of them prefers to stay in the warmer areas of the state. The snakes that thrives in the Northern Illinois will have to adapt on the cold weather while those that live on Southern Illinois will enjoy the warm and comfortable climate.  Some of these snakes are threatened due to alteration of nature that will lead to habitat loss.

Venomous and Non-Venomous Snakes in Illinois

Proper identification of the Springfield snake will not only increase the survival of the harmless snake, but it will also ensure your safety. With the state’s diverse and healthy ecosystem, it is not surprising why most snakes will choose this place as their home.

Venomous Snakes

As aforementioned, only four of the Illinoissnakes will be venomous; about three of them will be found in Southern Illinois. In the Northern Illinois, only the Massasauga Rattlesnake can be found.

Copperhead-Most of the incidence of venomous snake attack in the US is blamed on the Springfield Copperhead. This snake will not send you a warning when attacking, which is a sign of their aggressiveness. The venom of the copperhead will not cause permanent damage and will not be lethal to a healthy adult. 

Cottonmouth- This snake will thrive on wetlands and swamps. It is an adept swimmer that helps during their hunting adventure. Bite from the cottonmouth is rare. They are shy creature and they will also give warning signs when attacking.

Timber Rattlesnake- This is one of the largest venomous snakes found in the US. Incidence of the snakebite from the canebrake is uncommon. Once they bite you, you may experience various symptoms such as diarrhea, cramping of the stomach, vomiting, nausea, and swelling and pain on the affected area.

Massasauga Rattlesnake- It is common to find this snake in the river floodplains and wetlands. Their fangs are small and will not be able to penetrate through thick clothing.

Non-Venomous Snakes

Most of the snakes in Illinois are non-venomous. They play a crucial role in maintaining the health of the Illinois’ ecosystem. Here are some of the most common non-venomous snakes in this state.

Water Snakes- You will usually find them close to river, swamps, lakes, and marshes. Due to their markings, they are usually mistaken to be venomous. Fortunately, they are not armed with venom. There are various types of water snakes that you will encounter in Northern Illinois. The most common would be the Northern Water snake. You may also find the Diamondback Water snake here.

Some of the Springfield snakes found in Illinois have a high tolerance on coldness. This enables them to withstand the temperature on the colder region of Illinois. Two species of garter snake belong in this category. Their hibernation will not last long and will often have a break in order to enjoy the warmth of the sun. They will emerge from their hibernation ground during the early phase of the spring season.